About Us

The Lido Seaside Hotel is run continuously and consistently improving under the same Liakopoulos family since 1986 resulting to a serious experience in hospitality and sea activities. Dimitris the eldest son, today's manager of Lido Hotel and Lidoblue boating experiences who inevitably grew up in the waters of the gulf of Corinth (he has also been a former windsurfing champion) is your captain at most of the times. Gerasimos our boats engineer is the second captain.

Lidoblue exclusive boating experiences is in fact the distillation of 25 years of experience on boating, powerboating, yachting, fishing, sea sports (jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing), activities that where always a big part of Lido Hotel’s services.

A long list of further qualities follows like the perfect knowledge of the gulf of Corinth, all of it’s hidden gems and it’s weather habits, multilingual captains etc.

Your safety is what we first and foremost guarantee you
Our fully licenced under the strict EU regulations boat charter services combined with our highly skilled staff will offer joyful and life lasting memories no matter if it’s about a family, couple, party, diving or even fishing.


Lido Seaside Hotel

Lido Blue is the little brother of Lido Seaside Hotel. Hotel Lido is located in a Greek agricultural village on the seaside of the Corinthian Gulf. It offers private access to the beach, a pool and a restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine. Lido Seaside Hotel provides accommodations in rooms and suites with view to Corinthian Gulf. They are all equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar and TV. At the hotel’s restaurant by the seaside, guests can enjoy fresh fish or a traditional meal, prepared with homegrown organic produce. Continental breakfast can be enjoyed daily. After sunset, the area around the swimming pool and restaurant is ideal for a relaxed drink and dinners with music by the sea.

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