About Us

Celebrating 25 Years of Hospitality at Lido Seaside Hotel & Unmatched Sea Adventures with Lidoblue

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque Greek village, the Lido Seaside Hotel has been a beacon of hospitality for over 25 years. As a family-run establishment, we pride ourselves on offering a warm welcome to all our guests, complemented by our passion for delivering unforgettable sea adventures through Lidoblue.

Embark on a Journey with Our Expert Skippers

Our maritime adventures are captained by our trio of seasoned skippers: Dimitris, Gerasimos, and Nicolo. Each brings a wealth of experience and a unique touch to our skippered private boat tours and motorboat charters across the enchanting Corinthian Gulf.

Dimitris combines his role as manager with his expertise as a former windsurfing champion, ensuring every tour is infused with passion and professionalism.
Gerasimos, our adept boat mechanic, ensures the fleet's excellence, bringing his technical knowledge and love for the sea to every voyage.
Nicolo, known for his professionalism and hospitality, creates an atmosphere where every guest feels special, enhancing the overall experience with his attentive service.

Our Commitment At Lidoblue, we focus on providing exclusive motorboat charters and personalized skippered tours, designed to explore the Gulf's hidden treasures safely and enjoyably. Our deep knowledge of the local waters and weather patterns guarantees an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Fully Licensed and Committed to Excellence

Our commitment to your safety and enjoyment is reflected in our adherence to strict EU & Greek regulations, ensuring a worry-free adventure on the waves.


Lido Seaside Hotel

Your Coastal Retreat Following your nautical exploration, the Lido Seaside Hotel offers a tranquil retreat. Direct beach access, a refreshing pool, and rooms with breathtaking views await you, along with Greek culinary delights at our seaside restaurant, highlighting organic local produce. Join us at Lidoblue and the Lido Seaside Hotel, where the legacy of hospitality meets the thrill of the sea. Start your unforgettable journey with us today.

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