Mermaiding in Greece – A lifetime adventure!

Ever since Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” came out in the 80s, millions of children have dreamt of swimming like a fish in an underwater fantasy world. We invite all those adult mermen and mermaids with or without their kids to an unforgettable trip to the most magical places in the Corinthian Gulf.

Our experienced skippers at Lido Blue with their insider knowledge will bring you to the emerald-green waters at mystical caves and white beaches. For the authentic mermaid feeling, you can choose from our wide, colourful collection of tails and monofins for children and adults of all sizes and genders.

Did you know that the first mermaids were reported in Greece, originally known as “Sirens” in Greek mythology?

Reports of mermaid and merman sightings all over the world continue to the present day and while we cannot promise you to encounter real ones on your boat trip with us, chances are high that you get to swim with dolphins instead.

The Gulf of Corinth is home to several dolphin families who are quite acquainted with our fleet and love to join us on our cruises. Swimming with these wonderful, sociable animals while wearing your mermaid tail will give you an incredible sense of becoming one with the “fintastic” underwater environment and it encourages the dolphins to welcome you as one of their own.

Please note:

  • Swimming with the monofin requires swimming skills. For becoming familiar with the monofin and getting to know the quick release method, we recommend your mermaid trip to start with an introduction session at the pool of Lido Hotel.
  • Children must under all circumstances be supervised by their parents throughout the whole time of wearing the monofins and mermaid tails.


  • Introduction to mermaiding
  • Mermaid tails & monofins
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Cool beverages and wine
  • Fresh fruit & snacks


  • Underwater photography
  • Fuel according to the distance travelled