Skippered boat tour in the Eastern Corinthian Gulf

Discover remote beaches, sea caves and ancient temples.

Duration 5-7 hrs - Up to 8 persons - Price 710,00 excl VAT

Departure: We will start the adventure from the marina of Kiato around 10:00 AM or at your selected time.
Heraion: In this small cove, well protected by steep rock formations a remnant of ancient Greece, a sanctuary dedicated to the Goddess Hera. The visitor can explore the remains of the mystical temple of Hera and the surrounding area, and learn about it’s unique architecture.
The Heraion cove is ideal for snorkelling and all levels of cliff diving!

Vouliagmeni Lagoon: This turquoise water lagoon is connected with the sea by a narrow canal. After exploring the lake and maybe try snorkelling to it’s azure waters, we can have a quick stop in one of the fish taverns and beach restaurants around the lagoon.

White Beach:We will continue our adventure by visiting an iconic beach with it's white sand and crustal clear turquoise waters. Labelled as the x beach or white beach, people compare this little hidden gem as a miniature of the infamous Navagio beach in Zante. From the partial collapse of a limestone hill, nature has formed yet another miracle, this unspoiled beach with the incredibly clean waters is one of the wonders that our trip will unveil to the visitor. Again a perfect spot for snorkeling

Cave of the Phokia: Among rocky formations opposite the tiny Alkinonis Islands, is one of the most beautiful sights of the Corinthian gulf. The Cave of the Phokia, the absolute highlight of our trip. A miniature of the Maltese Azure Window, this stunning sea cave and hidden paradise remains vastly unspoiled since the access to the area is really difficult. An ideal place for snorkelling, the Cave of the Phokia is one of the most pure places in the Corinthian Gulf.

Alkyonides islands: A complex of four volcanic islands of immerse and wild natural beauty. The visitor can enjoy the red sandy beach, visit the Byzantine chapel dated back in the 12th century AD and try some hiking on the hills of the islands.

Diporta islands & Agios Ioannis: Another remote island complex with impressive rock formations and crystal clear waters and sandy beach. Nearby towards Agios Ioannis another unique beach with a fresh water source that feels like an oasis in the middle of a dry and rocky coastline.. In Agios Ioannis fishermen settlement we can visit an iconic fish tavern.

Besides the above highlight destinations, the gulf of Corinthian has an abundance of unique spots or beaches to explore. Our experienced skippers will guide you around!

The trip can be customized matched to your wishes and needs.

What's included in the rate
  • Professional skipper
  • Fresh fruit, snacks & beverages
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fuel (approx 60Lt Gasoline)
  • SUP / 35€
  • Champagne 80€

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