Explore this magnificent & unspoiled part of Greece by sea! The Gulf of Corinth is a protected area by the NATURA 2000 network for its rich biodiversity.


Try snorkeling, cliff diving, swim next to dolphins and learn about the history of the Corinthian Gulf!

Snorkelling & cliff diving

During your boat trip you will have the opportunity to try snorkeling in many different places and explore a variety of underwater sceneries, even sea caves! With equipment provided by us, you will get the chance to take a close observation of Corinthian Gulf's diverse marine life. The Natura 2000 protected gulf is the home of a large variety of sea creatures. You will have the opportunity to snorkel among the Posidonia Oceanica meadows, reefs and coral formations! Have you ever tried cliff diving?

Dolphin Spotting

Our boat trip offers a unique opportunity to meet one of the most sociable inhabitants of the Greek seas, dolphins! Corinthian is very special case. Because of the gulf's unique, enclosed geography, protected waters and the significant depth, it is the home of the very rare striped dolphins. This rare subspecies live in harmony with Risso's and common dolphins. During our trips dolphins are quite a common sight and often they approach the boats. How often do you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins?

Environmental & Cultural tuition

While sailing around the gulf you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the gulf from the ancient times to modern day. The gulf itself was an important travelling route even from the antiquity times, with major settlements of the Ancient Greece such as Ancient Corinth, flourishing on it's coasts. The gulf is not only rich in history but also with a vast diversity of marine fauna and flora. With significant environmental interest the gulf is one of the few places in Greece where rare species can be spotted. Get the chance to learn everything about the gulf from our experienced captains-guides!

Events & Parties

No better way to celebrate an important event than with a lidoblue boat trip. Bring your anniversary or bachelor party on board and let us turn it in life lasting memories


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